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BROOD – Part – 5

All the security guards walked around Ashiv and stood near Raj. A 60 year old man walked out from the dark. He had white hair and a khadi dress with a walking stick on his right hand. Ashiv tried to look at him but he got stunned of what happened next. The old man had a small rope on his hand. He kept it near his left thigh. The old man turned to his left and a giant walked out from the dark. It was Gook. Ashiv got totally confused. Ashiv was standing close to Nina and looking at that old man without moving his view anywhere else. The old man opened his mouth and started speaking.

“Hi Ashiv! I am proud of you. I know that you’ll come one day to Thanjavur but

never expected it after your uncle’s death.”

Ashiv got more confused, “How do you know my uncle?”

“He was a great man, whom I always admired. I love his passion to bring out the truth to the people.”

“How do you know about him? Who are you? And what is Gook doing with you? Gook”

“I thought you would’ve found it by now.”

Ashiv didn’t reply but was looking confused.

“I am Devan’s friend Vajran. I was working with your uncle as the co-researcher in the history of Big temple. These are my fellow research students in Tamil university.”

Vajran showed his hand to the group of people standing along with Raj. Vajran continued, “I never talked with your uncle after a small misunderstanding for 15 years. I know you, right from your child age. You use to play with my spectacles. You always liked it.” Vajran smiled a bit but soon he realised that he was moving out of the topic.

“Coming to the point, we wanted to call you into this pure war and that is the reason

why there were few sacrifices made.”

Nina got onto her peak and shouted, “Few sacrifices??? Do you think, killing the heir

of Chola will be a sacrifice? What a stupidity.”

Ashiv controlled Nina by holding her hand and bringing her to the comfort zone. Vajran took his stick and banged it on the ground and at the same time Gook barked for the first time. Ashiv had never seen Gook so ferocious. Vajran spoke with a bass tone of anger, “Who said he is the real heir of Chola?”

Ashiv and Nina got totally shattered out of mind. The breeze was taking Ashiv into the place of unconsciousness. Ashiv couldn’t control the anxiety, “What? What are talking about Vajran?”

“Yes. Have you ever wondered why the Chola dynasty came to a fall after Rajendra Chola, the great? Even after Rajendra Chola they ruled, but it wasn’t as glorious as it was before, because the so called heir of Rajendra Chola is not the true brood. He is just a mason’s successor.”

Ashiv and Nina were like children on their bed, hearing to their granddad’s bed time story. Vajran started to walk around and Gook rested at the same place.

“Devan is really good at research. He got all permission to make research on Big temple. He called me in as a co-researcher to help him in taking research notes and to make research on the building architecture during Raja Raja Cholan’s era. I was very happy to help him in that research. Devan was researching a lot about the Big temple for more than 15 years from then. Raja Vijayendra Chola, the so called heir of Cholas, came to Devan and asked him to report all the amazing facts that he discovers from the Big temple.”

Ashiv was able to imagine everything that Vajran was explaining. Raj and other security guards were looking at Vajran although they knew the story before; they were listening to it keenly. Vajran continued, “We never work during day time. We always preferred night time.

It will be peaceful and the research can be done without any disturbance. One day, when Devan was trying to analyse the content of mixture present in the walls of Big temple, he took a X-ray camera and took photo of the wall. He came running to me with his face full of tension and fear. I thought that he would’ve got fear of Night. He showed me the picture. Even my hand was shivering then.”

Ashiv looked at Vajran’s hands. It was shivering then too.

Vajran continued, “The photo had a skeleton which was fixed straight in between the walls of karuvurar building. We were panicked. I told Devan to inform the police immediately but he refused. He said he would make a research on that. From then, he started working on that skeleton. He raised all the details about the dead person who was kept in between walls for more than 1000 years. He finally found an unbelievable asset, The Cholas Archives. Devan found that the cholas Archives was present in the Palace and it contains all biography of the kings.”

Nina interrupted the talk, “Archives normally contains biographies of Kings and the queens. What is so new in it?”

Vajran got tensed for being interrupted. He showed an angry look and Gook got up from his place and came near Nina with a roaring voice. Vajran hushed Gook and continued.

“Devan found a piece of wood that had carvings of ancient Tamil. The words on the carvings were not properly arranged. Although it made a blur meaning, Devan rearranged the phrase and found the original meaning of the carving. The carving actually said, ‘The king faded by the Mason’s sun’ which never meant any king but Devan rearranged it ‘The sun faded by the mason’s king’. This actually meant that the mason’s king brought darkness to the Chola’s Golden era. He also took lots of proofs about the mason. He used carbon dating method to find the exact date when the mason died.”

Nina and Ashiv interrupted the flow but Ashiv asked the question this time, “Why would Raja Raja Cholan kill the mason and bury him down on the walls of the temple?”

Vajran stopped his walk and turned around to see Ashiv, “Devan explained me about the letter written by Raja Raja Cholan to the ‘Tiger killing the fish’ group head. Raja Raja Cholan was deceived by the mason. Chola’s wife koperumthevi and mason had an affair which resulted in birth of Raja Raja Chola – II who was not the true blood of Raja Raja Chola – I. When the king came to know about that, he killed him during the work progress of the temple and buried him onto the walls of the temple.”

Ashiv was totally unpleased with the explanation given by Vajran, “Do you want me to believe that the Chola never had a true descendant?”

“No. You haven’t heard the full story yet. When Raja Raja Chola – II was 15 years old and was ruling the territory, Raja Raja Chola – I and koperumthevi gave birth to the first true blood. Raja Raja Chola – II was not pleased with that second son and he asked his prime minister to kill the child. The prime minister came with a group of soldiers to kill the true blood but koperumthevi was found dead on her bed and the child was missing.”

Nina was anxious to know about the true blood, “The child was taken by the ‘Tiger killing the fish’ group head???”

Vajran gave a smile, “Yes. You are right. But when Devan found all these things, he went and informed this to the Cholan. Raja Vijayendra Chola disagreed with the facts that Devan gave and told him to stop researching immediately. The next day, Devan died.”

Ashiv was restless then, “What? I was told that my uncle died because of heart attack.”

“Yes Ashiv. Your uncle was a diabetes patient. He used to take insulin every night and at that night the insulin had something else which caused him to die. The police knew about this, but they didn’t tell anything away. That is the reason why I joined these people. They are from the ’Tiger killing the Fish’ group and Raj is the successor of the group head.”

Ashiv gave a smile and Raj was not responding to it. Nina was totally confused about the current situation.

“So. What is the conclusion?”

Vajran showed his hands to the group and they went in and brought a box. “This box was maintained by your uncle Ashiv. This box contains the important link that’ll lead to the true blood. He told me an important clue. ‘The True brood sleeps on the river banks of Cauvery and sharpens his mind every night’. He told me always that only you know the password to open this box.”

Ashiv came near the box and looked at it. It was a 3-by-2 wooden box made of teak wood. The wooden box had neither a lock nor a password combination in it. The box was completely sealed on all sides.

Ashiv started to think about it on his mind. ‘What is the password that I alone know?

How to open this box without entering the password? What is so bonding with me and my uncle? Come on. There has to be something. Gook! He was my uncle’s present. No, that doesn’t make any sense. He always wanted me to wear the best clothes. He always wanted me to learn horse riding. He always wanted me to sword fight. He always called me ‘Raja’. Wait a minute. Did my uncle play with my name?

ASHIV… SHIVA. I am Shiva, sleeping on the river banks of Cauvery woods and I work during the nights for the CBI.’ Ashiv came near the box and took a deep breath and said, “SHIVA”

The box started to unlock itself from four ends and the box opened. The box had a small paper.

Ashiv took it up and read it, “Hail King Shiva Raja Chola!!!”

Ashiv lost the grip on the paper and it flew away to Vajran. Vajran read it loud.

“The king has risen from darkness. This day will surely be the making of a new history. I took Shiva from ‘Tiger killing the Fish’ group head since the Raja Vijayendra Chola found the hidden place of the group head. I’ve always brought you up like a King. I am proud for being under the legs of the true brood of Glorious Raja Raja Cholan. Hail King Shiva Raja Chola!!!”

The sun rose up high close to the peak of the temple and the day started with a big Hail to King Shiva. Nina couldn’t believe that she was standing next to the King.

Vajran bowed to Shiva. Raj and his group knelt down. Nina was trembling to stand near Shiva.

Gook walked near Shiva and sat near him. The howling sound of Gook went across the Palace and reached to the sun. Vajran went inside the Palace and came back with the crown and worn it to Shiva and Shiva received it with pride.


BROOD – Part 4


Nina took the book on one hand the note pad that Ashiv gave to her implying to him that there was only two clues available.

“No… No wait. There is one more clue available.”

Nina got surprised with his words. Ashiv slid his hands inside the pocket and took his

phone. He opened the drafts and showed it to Nina.

“This was the first clue that lead me here. ‘ASHIV TO X BECAME KING’”

“What does it mean Ashiv?”

“Well this is also a riddle. Ashiv doesn’t mean me. If you play riddle with it, it becomes Shiva, which is Lord Shiva. X is not the literal meaning and it can be taken as opposite. So what does the statement make now?”

“Shiva to opposite became King.”

“Just read it from right to left.”

“Oh My Goodness! King became opposite to Lord Shiva!!! Which king became opposite to Shiva?”

“Raja Raja Cholan.”

“What? Are you kidding? He built the temple for Lord Shiva. What are you talking?

Are you out of your mind?”

“No. You are wrong. I didn’t mean that Raja Raja Cholan is against Lord Shiva. He is opposite to Lord Shiva. Have you ever wondered why the temple doesn’t have the statue of the Raja Raja Cholan, after all it was his temple? The people who knew the hard work of Cholas requested the Tamilnadu Government to keep the statue of the Chola inside the temple, but they didn’t accept it.”

“Wait. They can’t accept it, because they don’t have control over the temple. It is under the control of Central Government.”

“Exactly. Now, the Central Government will never accept to keep the king’s statue inside the temple, since the tourist will learn about the colourful era of the cholas and there was no one during that time to beat cholas. This will degrade the Hindian boast up monument, ‘The Taj Mahal’.”

“Yes. Yes. I know that. Now what is it do to with this case now?”

“Since the chola was not allowed to keep inside the temple, he was thrown opposite to Shiva. He was thrown to be at the centre road which is the center point for the…”

Ashiv stopped speaking.

He ran to the place where the statue of Raja Raja Cholan is kept. He took the cross in his hand and started to speak.

“If the statue is the center, then the cross refers one end to be the temple, the opposite end to be the park. The north end faces the Library and hence the south end leads to… the Palace.”


Ashiv face was full of sweat and he tried to walk towards the Palace. Nina looked surprised at the conclusion. She didn’t open her mouth. She felt the feeling of guilt and at the same time a feeling of affection to Ashiv. She wanted to talk to Ashiv but she didn’t have any topic to him. She smiled to herself. She had all kinds of reactions happening inside her body. She scolded her for not having any topic to open. She was restless now. She walked close to Ashiv.


Ashiv could feel some kind of womanliness in that word. His mind spoke to himself ‘Is my name that sweet? I have never heard it so sweet before!!!’ Finally he controlled his mind and answered. “Yes.”

“..Like. I… actually wanted to ask you a question.”


Nina couldn’t find any new topic and suddenly she remembered Mr. Hariharan telling her that Ashiv’s family was not known to anyone, Nina opened a new topic.

“Tell me about your family? What about your parents?”

“Well. That is a good question and totally relevant to the situation although there were four murders happened around us.”

Nina bit her tongue for such bad question at the bad time. Ashiv never wanted to waste the chance and also never wanted to spoil the mood of Nina.

“Anyway it’ll be a good kill time till we reach the Palace.”

Nina smiled a bit which relieved Ashiv.

“I never knew about my parents. I grew along with my uncle. His name is Devan. He was working as professor in the Tamil university in the same place. He was also interested in Tamil history. He got special permission to work on a research paper regarding the big temple. Last month, he died because of heart attack.”

“I am sorry for that Ashiv.”

“Thanks for your concern Nina. But we never talked after I moved out of Thanjavur to do my higher studies. I took care of my life. I got Gook with me right from the golden days of being with my uncle. He was my 22nd birthday present from my uncle. Now he is with me for the past 7 years and he is my close friend I ever had.”

Nina was just looking at Ashiv and she didn’t even watch the road. She was totally knocked down by Ashiv. Ashiv, on the other hand, had split his mind into two and started to work on the case with one and tell his story to Nina with the other.


Ashiv and Nina came near the gate of the Palace. The Palace was quite dark and with the low light, the palace would surely become a night mare for any children. Ashiv and Nina walked to the Palace. The security guard was no where around the Palace. They waited for some time and searched for the security to get a flash light but he couldn’t find anyone. Finally Ashiv took the decision.

Ashiv warned Nina to walk close to him since the murderer might be very close to them. They entered the palace. It was fully dark. Ashiv took his mobile phone and used the light coming out from it to view the room. As he raised his mobile, he saw a big statue of Raja Raja Cholan standing close to his face with a sword. Ashiv got shocked by that moment. He took a deep breath and moved around the statue.

Ashiv was able to see a small light at a long distance. Ashiv asked Nina,

“Do you have any idea about that light over there?”

“I don’t know. I guess it might be the security.”

Ashiv was quite not pleased with that answer. He started to think, why would a security guard stay inside the palace rather than being outside to guard the perimeter?

He started to think about Raj, inside the office, who he investigated. ‘He wasn’t looking like a security guard. Now this security guard is not in his right position.’

Ashiv stopped walking. Nina hit Ashiv on his back.

“What is the matter Ashiv?”

“I think something is wrong. There won’t be any monumental area which is this dark.

The security guard won’t stay inside a palace.”


“So it means that, this place was intentionally kept with low light and the security guards…”

“What about the security guards?”

“They are probably walking close to us.”

Suddenly the light went on. There were five security guards standing around Ashiv and Nina. Nina shouted for a second by looking at them.

Ashiv looked around the guards and they all looked like giants to him. He saw Raj standing near the switchboard.

“I always knew that investigating you has no use.”

Raj started to laugh and he talked with the security guards, “Brothers. Let the world look at us. Kill them and next call is UN directly into the issue.”

The security guards walked close to Ashiv and Nina. Ashiv raised his voice.

“Hey guys. Relax. I just got good news for you. The world is already looking at this

issue. Whatever is your issue, I can be able to resolve it for you. I have contact with the UN.”

Raj started to laugh aloud, “What will you do if I tell you the issue? This is just not an issue for raise in salary or to give a torch light for the security guards, you won’t understand a thing.”

“No. I understand Raj. You are not security guards. You are all trained with military tricks. The way you walked around us showed it. You are someway related to the Chola kingdom. When I investigated you, the words you used like ‘Cholan’ showed me that. Your issue will somehow be related to Cholas. Am I right?”

“Not bad Ashiv. Now you diagnosed that we are pandyans and we killed the Cholan.”

Ashiv interrupted him, “No. You are not from the Pandyas. Your right hand had a tattoo of tiger killing a fish. Tiger is the symbol of Cholas and fish is the symbol of Pandyas. The ‘Tiger killing the Fish’ is the secret symbol kept by the Chola king for a separate group who plans all the tricks that can be used to fight and protect against the Pandyas. Even the underground tunnel from the Palace to the Big Temple was designed by them. You belong to their group.” Nina was looking at Ashiv with an awestruck face. She recalled the time when she

thought that Ashiv was a loser. She couldn’t imagine herself becoming a loser. Raj, at the same time was moved by Ashiv’s analysis. He couldn’t open his mouth.

All of them were looking at Ashiv as if he had resurrected from the dead. Suddenly

there was a small sound echoed around the building.

AD: What is that sound??? Part 5 Coming soon.

BROOD – Part 3


Crime Scene – 5.05 AM

“Well that seems to be a good case for me”, Ashiv broke his knuckles and called Gook inside the temple.

“Ashiv, this case needs to be given utmost care. Still we haven’t given any information for the Press and Media. Soon they’ll discover it someway.”

Ashiv reached the scene. He didn’t respond back to Nina. Ashiv walked close to the murder spot. He came close to the dead body. Raja Vijayendra Chola’s face had no blood on it and the mouth looked like he was smiling. Ashiv closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Ashiv opened his eyes and inquired Nina, “Is there any other information that you can give me about this case?”

“Yes. A piece of cloth.”

Ashiv was surprised, “What? A piece of cloth?” What was in it?”

“Yes. A piece of worn out cloth with the numbers ‘2-4-6’”

Ashiv started to smile but Nina interrupted his enjoyment. “This murder is not properly planned. Due to some cause this murder could’ve happened.”

He looked at Nina and asked, “What do you think will be the cause for the murder?”

“I think this is a murder for money. Raja Vijayendra Chola is the last heir of Chola dynasty. The murderer would’ve tried to get money from Raja. But Raja would’ve resisted. That could’ve led the murderer to kill Raja.”

“So what is the use?” Ashiv’s question made Nina to think.

“Yes. You are right. There is no use of killing the hen without getting the golden egg.”


“Then what could be the reason?”

“What was the weapon used for murder?”


“As I suspected…”

“Do you think that this is done by some of his enemies?”

“Whom do you think as his enemy?”

“I am not sure. As far as I know, Vijayendra Chola never got into politics and also into Media. He is a very simple guy who never loved publicity.”

“Hmmm… Have you read the autobiography of Vijayendra Chola?”

“He wrote books? I never knew that. What is so special in that book?”

“His dog’s name is Dyaspan. Do you know the reason for that name?”

Gook turned and looked at Ashiv. He started to shake his tail. Ashiv understood Gook’s reaction and shook his head, trying to tell that Dyaspan is a male dog. Gook went back to play with the balls that got studded in the shawl of Nina.

Nina adjusted her shawl with one hand and asked Ashiv, “No. What is it?”

“I don’t know. It was not there in that book.”Ashiv gave a slight smile and winked at Gook who was standing next to him.

Nina got frustrated, “Huh… So Shall we meet Mr. Raj now?”

“Yeah. Sure Nina, after you.”


Temple Office – 5.15 AM

Ashiv entered the room. A square shaped room designed during the time of Rajendra Chola. The brick still felt strong and the architectural work couldn’t be compared. Ashiv understood that he had no time for enjoying the nature.

Ashiv found no one in the office but just a single chair. Raj was sitting in the chair alone.

“Hi Raj, this is Ashiv from CBI”

Raj looked more like a police man. His body looked more structured and couldn’t be taken as a security guard. Ashiv looked at Raj and started speaking.

“What is your name?”

Nina thought that Hariharan had made a mistake by allotting the case to Ashiv.

Raj cleared his throat and spoke with a brisk and bold voice, “My name is Raj Senapathy”

Gook came close to Raj and sniffed his dress. He didn’t like the smell of chillies over his shirt. The room smelled like it was sprayed with chilly.

Ashiv started his inquiry, “Why did you go behind the temple? You are the guardian for the park right?”

Raj’s boldness didn’t reduce, “I heard a sound from the temple. That’s why I went there. I found Cholan lying down and went close to him. I found him dead, stabbed with a knife to his heart.”

“Then what else did you see? Did you see anyone else around that place?”

“I didn’t see anything”

Ashiv closed his eyes and asked Raj, “Is there any other information that you can give me Raj Senapathy?”

“I don’t know.”

Ashiv opened his eyes and started walking. He came close to Nina and said, “My investigation is over.”


Ashiv walked out of the room and Nina followed him. He slid his hands into the pocket and took out the notebook. Ashiv started to speak.

“Nina. Pick up your phone.”


“Just do it.”

Nina thought that she was in hell. She picked up the phone and waited for Ashiv to speak.

“Now read the number from the points kept in this notebook.”

Nina got the notebook from Ashiv and looked at it. It had 12 boxes in which three boxes were blocked. Nina started to cross refer it with her mobile and told Ashiv,

“It is 2 – 4 and 6”

“Good. In these numbers, 4 and 6 lie on the same line. The Big temple and the Park lie on the same line when we map them in Geographical map. Which means that 2 will be???”

Nina imagined the geographical view of Big temple and Park and whispered the answer, “The Central Library.”


The Central Library – 5.30 AM

Few people started their morning walk in Thilagar Thidal. Ashiv and Nina were running from Big Temple to the Library. Gook was following with low pace and trying to gain power after every 3 steps.

Ashiv and Nina reached the Library. The library was closed. Ashiv called out to the security. The security came after few shouts. With a big yawn, the security inquired,

“Who are you? What do you want?”

“My name is Ashiv. I am a CBI officer. I need you to open the library now.”

“Whoever it is, the library will be opening only at 7.30. I can’t allow anyone inside library before that.”

Ashiv got frustrated by the way the security guard replied. He turned towards Nina with a puzzled look but Nina, on the other hand, started into action.

“Excuse me officer. Can I get some water? I am thirsty. I was running all the way to the library.”

The fresh voice of the beautiful women raised the adrenalin in the security guard. He worked really hard to open the gate for her and gave her a seat. Ashiv was quite happy that Nina was useful at some point of time. Nina entered inside the security guards room and engaged the security by asking about his family and other general topics.

Ashiv didn’t waste time but he entered the book section. It was all dark. He tried to focus on the small light coming up from the sun, so that he can view the room’s physique easily. He took his mobile and used its light to search the library for clues.

Suddenly Ashiv stopped walking and started to murmur.

‘What am I searching here? Do I have any clue left? Yes. 2-4-6. I need to search for the book number 246.’

As Ashiv tried to come out of his deep thinking he found that the security came out of his room. Ashiv reached the book shelve and grabbed the book that enrolled as TN-CL-246. He started running back to the main door to make sure that the security guard doesn’t make any issues during that time.

Ashiv came out of the library and saw Nina and security guard. Nina was serious and security guard was pleasing her.

“I am sorry Nina. I really didn’t mean to do it.”

Ashiv went close to the security guard with anger thinking that he had done something wrong. Nina was looking at security guard and cried.

“Ok. I accept Nina. I will surely put food for the cat.”

Ashiv stopped and looked at Nina’s hand. Nina had a small kitten which was fully wet. Ashiv started walking and gave a sign to Nina. Nina understood the sign and gave the kitten to security guard and walked straight back to Ashiv.


Ashiv and Nina came out of the library and Ashiv expressed, “That was good acting. I liked it.”

“Yeah, Thanks. Anything useful from library?”

Ashiv took the book from his back and looked at it. The book was fully covered. Ashiv and Nina checked the number TN-CL-246. Ashiv broke the silence,

“I think this is the book which he tried to link us. I hope the puzzle will end down here.”

“Open it soon. What book is it?”

Ashiv opened the book and read the topic, ‘Vijayendra Chola – the peace maker’.

Nina got surprised, “What topic is this? Why is Chola king, a peace maker? When Cholas became peace makers? They were good at attacking. Anyways, why did the murderer link us to this book?”

“Good question. This will lead to the murderer somehow. Do you remember the dog’s name of Chola that I told you then?”

“Yes. Its Dyaspan right.”

“Yes. Play with that name. The game of Cholas. They like to play riddles. Now Dyaspan can be changed to ‘Pandyas’”

“What? PANDYAS? What are you reaching at Ashiv?”

“The clue to reach the murderer is ‘Pandyas’, which means the murder is somehow related to ‘The Pandyas’, who are the best ever enemies of ‘The Cholas’”

“What? Do you mean that ‘The Cholas’ and ‘The Pandyas’ are still enemies? I couldn’t imagine.” Nina couldn’t control and hence started to smile.

Ashiv was not in a mood to enjoy with Nina, “World has lots of unexpected things that you can’t imagine.”

“Yes. I accept Ashiv but there is no link given by the murderer that leads to the Cholas’ dog.”

“Hmmm. certain things need to be presumed. And my instincts are good at presumption.”

Ashiv took the phone and tried to call Chief. The call didn’t get connected. He got tensed and saw around the place with frustration. At a long shot, he saw Gook walking slowly close to the ground. He walked close to Gook and checked his neck. Gook carried a chain on his neck. Ashiv took the chain from Gook’s neck. Nina came close to Ashiv to check what is happening down there.

“What is so important in this chain Ashiv?”

“I never put chain on Gook”

“So who did this? And what does this mean?” Nina checked the chain which Ashiv had on his hand.

“I don’t know who did this but he is very close to us now. And he is calling us close to him now. Ok. What all clues we have right now with us?”

AD: Help Ashiv to solve the mystery. What are the clues left???

Part 4… Coming soon…

BROOD – Part 2


The Big temple, Thanjavur -5.00 AM

Ashiv and Gook arrived to the front entrance of thebig temple. Gook was very fond of the dancing dolls that were placed in the shops near the entrance. He stood in front of a shop and was staring at the dancing dolls. Ashiv was having a look at the entrance of the big temple. He was about to turn and call Gook and suddenly he heard a voice.

“Welcome to Thanjavur Ashiv. I hope that’s Gook standing and watching at the dancing dolls, right?”

Ashiv looked at a dancing doll standing in front of him. Ashiv understood the feeling of Gook then, for not meeting Jen. Ashiv was all melted down with his heart trying to move out from him and trying to get hold of the beautiful doll standing in front of him.

Ashiv started to speak to himself, ‘Am I living in this world, or in heaven? I never believed to the words of elders saying ‘Angels are around you’. Now I believe it from my heart.’

“My name is Nina. I am the personal assistant for you in this case.”

Ashiv didn’t want to show that he was swept off by Nina.

“I hope chief had given me the right person. Ok. What is the case?” Ashiv tried to concentrate on the case rather than losing his mind over a girl.

“Murder. Behind the temple.”

Ashiv started to work on the statistics on his mind.

‘A 28 year old Tamil girl. Standing posture and dressing style seems like she finished her fashion technology course. The threading over the eyebrow shows that she is still unmarried and trying to be attractive. Waist is almost size zero. Why is she still not into movies? Why didn’t any directors approach her yet? They are such losers. Maybe I’ll be the lucky person.’

“May I continue describing the case”, Nina inquired in between and Ashiv was just a statue standing in front of her.

“Please”, Ashiv gave a big sigh.

“The murder took place around 3.15 AM and the first person to witness is Mr. Raj, who is the security guard for the park which is close to big temple.”

“Where is Mr. Raj now?” Ashiv interrupted Nina.

“He is in the temple office. I have kept him under custody for your investigation”

“Good. Any information about the murderer?”

“Till now there is no sign of a clue. Mr. Hari recommended you to this case, since you are the best in these surroundings.”

Ashiv started to give work for his mind again, ‘Thanks chief. You are the best.’

Ashiv cleared his throat, “Where is the body now?”

“The body is behind the temple now. The area is secured by police now.”

“May I ask a question? What is so special in this murder that made chief to bring me in? It seems to be a normal murder which can be handled by the Police. What is the need for CBI to enter?”

“The murdered victim is none other than Raja Vijayendra Chola, the last heir of Cholas.”